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Friday, February 1st, 2008

The average joe marketer can make money too!

Another great offer for Ratingshub Members


Sorry it’s been a while since I sent you any reviews, things
were hectic around here - and we are still experiencing hackers
on our RatingsHub site. When it rains, it pours…

Anyway, here’s today’s review… I think you will enjoy it!

Are you old enough to remember the 70’s?

There was a little old lady on TV commercials demanding to know,

She became a national icon.

Everyone was using her catch phrase to ask where the good stuff
was hiding.

Well, there are a LOT of would-be entrepreneurs on the Internet
who want to know, “Where’s the Beef?”

We keep hearing about these extraordinary Internet incomes…

…so why are there so many people who haven’t achieved them yet?

Maybe they’re looking in the wrong place.

Following the herd is NOT the way to go to find the money online.

The beef is out there, alright, but it’s hidden all over the


Weird niches. Odd niches. Tiny niches. Niches no marketer has
effectively touched yet. Niches ripe for the picking.

And do you know how many niches like this there are?

And how many new ones are being created DAILY?

There are literally hundreds and thousands just waiting to be

So how do you FIND these niches, and how much money can you make?

I’ve found someone who KNOWS, and is willing to spill his guts to

His name is Joe, and he’s made $214,000 in just the last TWO
MONTHS alone using his marketing techniques with these small

His very first niche pulled in $68,000 just from natural traffic,
and that’s when he was only beginning to discover the marketing
system he uses now.

That same site is still raking in money year after year.

And the niche is…


you’re probably not going to believe this but…

the niche is…

…carpet cleaning!

He’s since gone on to discover other even more profitable niches
that are also paying him month in and month out.

And you can too, when you know the secrets of…

Exactly How To Attack Any Niche Of YOUR Choice…
How to Profit Within Days…

And How to Explode Your Initial Income into the World of the

(The proof is on his site)

David Vallieres,Senior Editor
Kerrie Sheehan, Associate Editor
RatingsHub Internet Marketing Review

P.S. Suppose all you ever did online was choose ONE niche like
Joe’s first niche (carpet cleaning) and make a solid five figure
income from it every

What could that extra money do for you?

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

How In Blazes Do They Do THAT?

Another great offer for Ratingshub members.


Sorry for the delay in getting this to you. We
have been pretty busy around here getting ready
for the Holiday’s.

Also, we have a few problems on the site rights now - we got
hacked and many files were corrupted. We’ll try and get this
back up and running asap…

On to other news….

Do you agree, that without question, the easiest and most
lucrative way to make money online is selling info-products?

Then the question simply becomes…

Exactly which products should you sell?

Obviously, you want super PROFITABLE products that sell like

This means you’ve got to find the right market(s) and then
deliver what they WANT.

Second, you want products that are YOURS.

When you have your own products, you’re not dependant only on
what YOU can sell, you’re also making money from the efforts of
all of your AFFILIATES.

Plus, when YOU sell your own products, you make 100%, vs a
typical 50% affiliate commission.

(Not to mention the fact that you get paid IMMEDIATELY, no
waiting for affiliate checks.)

Third, you want products that are EASY and FAST to create.

You do NOT want to spend the next year of your life creating an
info-product, only to sell a few hundred copies and then do it
all over again.

So, to make the most money, you want to…
…find the hot markets (niches) and discover what they WANT,
…create your own product(s) for maximum income, and
…create those products QUICKLY without a ton of work.


So the million dollar question is…

“How In Blazes Do You Do That???”

Obviously you could spend a lot of time in trial and error,
research and mistakes.

Or you can simply follow the step-by-step system already created
for you by Dave Lovelace.

Infoproduct Creation Guide

Dave will show you his proven step-by-step system for…

…locating hot markets

…creating products people in those markets are eager to buy
(and no, you don’t have to be an expert in the topic, either!)

…getting your products into the market ASAP

…and all on a shoestring budget!

Once you’ve discovered Dave’s secrets, you’ll have a skill you
can use over and over anytime you want to make money.

And he’s offering special bonuses to my readers today…

The first bonus is the never before released, “When You Have More
Time Than Money.” It will show you exactly how to advertise your
products with little or no money.

The second bonus is, “Product Launch Secrets,” how to
successfully launch your product online.

And the third bonus is, “How to Set Up Your Own Affiliate
Program.” Just imagine what hundreds of eager affiliates can do
for your bottom line!

These bonuses won’t last long.

Infoproduct Creation Guide

That’s all the news for now,

David Vallieres,Senior Editor
Kerrie Sheehan, Associate Editor
RatingsHub Internet Marketing Review

P.S. When you know how to find hot markets, how to quickly create
quality products they’re eager to buy, and how to get the word
out about those products, there really is no limit to your

You can work when you want, where you want, in the niches you

It’s a skill that will “feed” you for a lifetime.

Infoproduct Creation Guide

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Is Traffic Arbitrage easy money or scam?

Another great offer for RatingsHub members.


Alex Goad says he is doing traffic arbitrage (an auto-pilot money
making technique) with google adsense and claims he is making
hundreds of dollars a day.

What’s remarkable is he just started doing this a few months ago.

Now he also says that he learned the technique after hearing
about a guy in Brazil doing $3.5 Million dollars a year
who’s doing this too… they became friends and the Brazilian guy
taught Alex what he knows.

I don’t know if it’s real or not until I buy and read the product
myself ….

But you can form your own opinion,

So.. what is adsense arbitrage?

It’s buying cheap traffic, sending it to your adsense page and
making money when visitors click on the more expensive adsense
ads where you make ‘click income’ for your adsense account…

the difference between what you pay for your traffic and what
you earn in adsense clicks is your ‘profit’ and this can be setup
to run on auto-pilot.

And… if you’re worried about being shut down
by google for doing arb - the key to his success
is that he stays away from using adwords for his arb
campaigns… and google actually encourages this
business model as long as the emphasis is on
a good “customer experience” according to Brian
Axe, Google’s AdSense Product Manager.

So take a look and tell us what you think,

That’s all the news for now,

David Vallieres,Senior Editor
Kerrie Sheehan, Associate Editor
RatingsHub Internet Marketing Review

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Working to hard for little money?

Another great offer for RatingsHub members.

Are you tired of working too hard for little money?

I’m not going to kid you…yes, you do have to
work hard in anything you do, but why work in the dark?

Work hard but work smart too.

Now this guy claims he’s lazy… I think he’s
using that as a marketing tactic to get
you to buy his book…

Nothing wrong with that.

What impressed me is that he works SMART.

He should have named his book the SMART AFFILIATE.

Maybe that wasn’t sevy enough… Lazy sounds better ;-)

This is 100% meat… no filler and stuff that will
blow away (seriously books courses that are being sold for
$200 or more. Yes, really.

In this case it’s totally true and it’s the best
book I’ve read this year on how to make steady income
as an affiliate marketer the SMART - sorry Lazy way.

This is one you will want to check out,

Lazy Affiliate Marketer

That’s all the news for now,

David Vallieres,Senior Editor
Kerrie Sheehan, Associate Editor
RatingsHub Internet Marketing Review

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Great Offer from Dave

Keries, it’s Dave Vallieres…

I’ve made many thousands of dollars this year selling
CD’s and DVD’s on AUTOPILOT. I sell sets, singles and
more without ever burning, printing or without even
trudging them down to the Post Office!

How is THAT possible? How did I do it?

Kunaki… and everyone is talking about them, for good reason!

Kunaki is a service that allows you to publish your
CD or DVD content to their site, then you can order
them to burn, print the disc, jacket and inserts
in FULL color for only $1.60 PER CD or DVD! It’s
cheap and they do an OUTSTANDING job.

I love Kunaki but I had problems/issues with their service.

4 problems actually…

You see, to sell your CD or DVD you either have to list
the product in their marketplace (along with some questionable
other content) one cd or dvd per page or …(1st problem!)

…you could purchase them in bulk, ship them
to your home and then, when a customer ordered you had to print
a shipping label, package the CD or DVD, trudge it down
to the post office… very, very time consuming! (2nd problem!)

… after your listing was placed in their marketplace
you would still have to wait to receive a check from kunaki
from your previous months’ sales to get paid! That’s too long
for me … (3rd problem!)

… the marketplace does NOT allow more than one item on each
page.. making your customer jump through lots of hoops if they
want a set or order more than 1 CD or DVD…(4th problem!)

I’m too practical and spoiled by selling digital products I guess,
because I wanted to get paid immediately (go figure) - before the
product was shipped - and I wanted to be able to sell sets of
CD’s and DVD’s or one at a time as I need them and I wanted
them delivered to my customers just like an ebook is delivered
online - automatically.

And I NEVER wanted to go to the post office trudging a few
dozen (or eck! hundreds!) of packages at one time…

So… I developed a script that sold my CD’s + DVD’s and in SETS on


I created/developed CD+DVD AUTOMATOR for my OWN use! And I have
used it since January of this year- testing, tweaking and making lot
a lot of extra sales - 100% hands-off!

CD+DVD AUTOMATOR interfaces with kunaki’s XML service to sell, collect
the money (via PayPal), calculate shipping charges (even makes sales tax calculations!
for ANY STATE! or Country!) creates an Order ID# then burns, prints and
fulfills (ships) your CD and DVD orders AUTOMATICALLY to your customer!

whew, it works hard…and does even more than that… :-)

Totally hand-off and automatic! See what else it can do,

That’s all the news for now!